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Youjae Yi is currently the KT Professor of marketing at the College of Business Administration of Seoul National University. He received a B.A. from Seoul National University, an M.S. in Statistics and a Ph.D. in Marketing from Stanford University.  Before joining the SNU faculty, Professor Yi had been on the faculty of Business School of University of Michigan as Sanford R. Robertson Assistant Professor and tenured Associate Professor.

He has served as the president of the Korean Marketing Association as well as the Korean Society of Consumer Studies, on the board of directors for several companies and on the advisory council of Association for Consumer Research. He has also served as a co-editor of Service Industries Journal and an associate editor of Journal of Consumer Psychology. He has developed several service-related indices such as KS-SQI and Seoul Service Index.

He has authored more than 150 articles in leading academic journals such as Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Advertising, and Journal of Consumer Psychology. His research interests include customer satisfaction, services marketing, advertising effects, brand equity, and customer participation behavior.



Ph.d. Stanford University, 1987 (Marketing)
M.S.  Stanford University, 1986 (Statistics)
B.A.  Seoul National University, 1982 (Business Administration)

Professional Experience

1993-         Professor of Marketing, Seoul National University

2012-2015   KT Professor of Marketing, Seoul National University

2003-2005   Associate Dean, Seoul National University

1993           Associate Professor of Marketing (with tenure), University of Michigan

1992-1993   Sanford Robertson Assistant Professor of Business Administration, University of Michigan

1987-1992    Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Michigan


Honors and Awards

Honor Scholar,Korean Embassy, 1986-87.

Finalist, Doctoral Dissertation Competition, Academy of  Marketing Science, 1988.

Best Paper Award, Academy of Marketing Science, 1992.

Sanford R. Robertson Professorship in recognition of early career   accomplishments, 1992. 

Sooam Research Fellow, 1994.

POSRI Research Fellow, 1995-97.

Best Book Award, JCC Foundation, 2001.

Best Paper Award, Korean Marketing Association, 2001, 2003.

Best Paper Award, Korean Association for Survey Research, 2003.
Best Presentation Award, Korean Society of Consumer Studies, 2008, 2010.

Distinguished Scholar,Korea Research Foundation, 2008.

Best Paper Award, Korean Society of Consumer Studies, 2010.

Distinguished Achievement Award, Korean Society of Consumer Studies, 2010.

Distinguished Achievement Award, Korean Standard Association, 2010.

Best Paper Award, Service Marketing Association, 2012

Best Researcher Award, Korean Academic Society of Business Administration, 2014

Professional Service

Program Committee, Association for Consumer Research   Conference, 1991, 94, 96.

Review board,Korean Cable Communications Commission, 1997-98. Developer of KS-SQI (Korean Standard-Service Quality Index), 2000.

Advisory Council, Association for Consumer Research, 2001-03.

Developer of SSI(Seoul Service Index), 2003.

Co-Chair, Asia-Pacific ACR Conference, 2004.

Board of Directors, LG Household & Healthcare, Inc, 2001-07.

Board of Directors, Korea Consumer Agency, 2005-08

Board of Directors, Hana Bank, 2005-09

President, Korean Society of Consumer Studies, 2007-08.

President, Korean Marketing Association, 2009-10.

President, Service Marketing Association, 2011-12.

Board of Directors, Hyundai Motors, 2011-



Editorial Service


Service Industries Journal, 2007-

Seoul Journal of Business, 1995-1997, 2005-2009 .

Korean Journal of Consumer Studies, 2002-2004.


Area Editor:

Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2009-2011, 2015-


Editorial Board:
Psychology & Marketing, 1997-

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2006-

Journal ofConsumer Psychology, 2005-08.

Journal ofConsumer Research, 2002-04.

Service Industries Journal, 1997-2006.

Selected Articles

¡°On the Evaluation of Structural Equation Models" (with R. Bagozzi). Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 16(Spring), 1988: 74-97.

"On the Evaluation of Main Effects in Multiplicative Regression Models." Journal of the Market Research Society, 31(1), 1989: 133-138.

"An Investigation into the Role of Intentions as Mediators of the Attitude-Behavior Relationship," (with R. Bagozzi & J. Baumgartner), Journal of Economic Psychology, 10(March), 1989: 35-63.

"The Degree of Intention Formation as a Moderator of the Attitude-Behavior Relation," (with R. Bagozzi). Social Psychology Quarterly, 52(Dec.), 1989: 266-279.

¡°An Investigation of the Structure of Expectancy-Value Attitude and Its Implications," International Journal of Research in Marketing, 6(Dec.), 1989: 71-83.

"Rejoinder to an Investigation of the Structure of Expectancy-Value Attitude and Its Implications," International Journal of Research in Marketing, 6(December), 1989: 89-94.

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"Assumptions of the Two-Step Approach to Latent Variable Modeling," (with C. Fornell), Sociological Methods & Research, 20(February), 1992: 291-320.

"Assumptions of the Two-Step Approach: Reply to Anderson and Gerbing," (with C. Fornell), Sociological Methods & Research, 20(February), 1992: 334-339.

"A Cross-National Comparison of Country-of-Origin Effects on Product Evaluation," (with S. Hong), Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 4(4), 1992: 49-71.

¡°Appraisal Processes in the Enactment of Intentions to Use Coupons," (with R. Bagozzi & H. Baumgartner), Psychology & Marketing, 9(6), 1992: 469-486.

"Testing Hypotheses about Methods, Traits, and Communalities in the Direct Product Model," (with R. Bagozzi), Applied Psychological Measurement, 16(December), 1992: 373-380.

"State- and Action-Orientation and the Theory of Reasoned Action: An Application to Coupon Usage," (with R. Bagozzi & H. Baumgartner), Journal of Consumer Research, 18(March), 1992: 505-518.

¡°Contextual Priming Effects in Print Advertisements: The Moderating Role of Prior Knowledge," Journal of Advertising, 22(2), 1993: 1-10.

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"An Investigation into Determinants of Behavior Change," Seoul Journal of Business, 2(1), 1996: 165-187.

¡°Revisiting Attribute Diagnosticity in the Context of Product Typicality," (with K. Gray), Psychology & Marketing, 13(6), 1996: 605-632.

¡°Taxonomy of Consumer Complaint Behavior: Replication and Extension," Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction, & Complaining Behavior, (with R. Liu & H. Watkins), 10, 1997: 91-103.

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¡°Variety Seeking in Choice for Others: Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Causes," (with J. Choi et al.) Journal of Consumer Research, 32(March), 2006: 590-595.  

Selected Books

1. A Primer on Customer Satisfaction: Stories of Happy and Unhappy Customers, 1997. (in Korean)

2. Consumer Behavior (3rd ed.), (with Lim, Kim, & Hong), 2006. (in Korean).

3. Services Marketing (3rd ed.), 2006. (in Korean)

4. Dead CRM vs. Live CRM, (with Choi), 2001. (in Korean)

5. Advertising Management (with Ahn & Yoo), 2004. (in Korean)

6. Evolution of Service Quality Measurement Systems (with La), 2006 (in Korean)

7. Manage Customer Value, (with Hur), 2007 (in Korean)